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Cable Cleats are components designed and tested to ensure cables are supported, dressed and retain securely from the outcome of a short circuit fault. According to IEC 61914 it is described as a device designed to secure cables when installed at intervals along the length of cables. In most parts of the world, cable cleats have been installed in electrical substations, power plants, oil and gas industries, rail systems, etc for many years.

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Aluminium Alloy (Non Ferrous Type) Single Cable Cleat

Single Cable Cleats

Single Cable Cleat - Colour

Trefoil Aluminium (Non Ferrous Type) Cable Cleat

Cable Slab also known as cable tiles, cable covers, cover plate or cover tape are used as visual warning indicator for cables laid underground, while at the same time provides mechanical protection for underground laid cables in the event of excavation works. The cable slabs are buried below ground level and are placed on top of the underground cables. Our cable slabs are manufactured from specially formulated high quality engineered materials to provide the highest impact and tensile strength for the protection of underground cable or piping. It’s ultimate interlocking linkage system will ensure the retention of the protection chain even under severe earth movement or impact.

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Cable Protection Slab (Single Hook)

Concrete Cable Route Marker ¨C Square

Concrete Cable Slab (33 kV Curve)

Hybrid Concrete Plastic Cable Slab

Aerial Bundled Cables or also known as Aerial Bundled Conductors(ABC) Accessory includes tools assisting the installation of long lasting and durable conductors, high voltage and low voltage pole accessories, pole accessories and aluminium bare conductor accessories. The aerial bundled cables can be fixed onto posts/poles and facades of buildings, routing of power lines, and connection for public use. In addition, they can also be used as an entry into mini-substations and connection to power cables or bare wires at joints between long distance lines and bundled conductor lines.

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ABC Grips

HDG Lighting Arm Bracket

HV Cable Joint Tray

Insulated Piercing Connector (IPC) LV

Cable Connector or Cable Lug or Cable Terminal is a device that is used to join two or more electrical circuits together, this is called an electrical connector. These electrical connectors are typically utilized to set up temporary connections, though some may be used to install permanent ones. Electrical connectors are definitely a significant part of modern day devices.

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Insulated Blade Terminals (Flat)

Insulated Ring Terminals

Insulated Spade Terminals

Insulated Cord End Terminal

The function of a Cable Gland is to give a stable and safe connection from an electrical cable to a piece of equipment, you can do this by attaching the cable gland to the end of an electrical cable and securing it to the equipment. The cable gland acts as a secured seal to prevent any damages to the cable and the electrical equipment, it also provides strain relief. Cable glands may also be used to ensure that the cables will not be be accidentally disconnected from the equipment. 

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Brass Cable Glands "E1W" Type - Double Compression Glands

A2 Double Compression Gland For UnArmoured Cable

Cable Gland CW Type c/w Lock Nut

Cable Gland "A2" Type c/w Lock Nut

The Cable Identification System & Accessories are used to label or mark the cables and/or wires, it assists in those hard to reach areas and provides a quick and easy method to indentify the cables or wires where u can place the marker in an easy to read location. It is built with highly durable material that can withstand high-temperature and have high-durability. By using cable markers you can ensure a lower down time from repairs that could take longer from not beind able to identify the cables or wires. We offer a wide range of products to suit your every need

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DSSB PAZ Chevron Cut Wire Markers Fire Retardant

Labacus Innovator Software

Prolab® Raised Profile Labels

SILVER FOX - Fox in a Box (Thermal Printer Kits)

Cable Laying Accessories are the equipment used for cable installation. It is used to ease the installation, prevent injury to the workers and also prevent damages on the installed cables. The accessories are based on the type of cables. Made using the best quality material, the cable accessories are built to handle the job.

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Cable Jack with Shaft

Cable Roller (Hanging Type)

Corrugated Conduit

ABC Wire Grip - Twisted Grip

A cable tie is a type of fastener, for holding items together, primarily electric cables or wires. Because of their low cost and ease of use, tie-wraps are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications. Stainless steel versions, either naked or coated with a rugged plastic, cater for exterior applications and hazardous environments.

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Cable Ties (Nylon) Non - Releasable

Stainless Steel Cable Ties - Ball Lock Type (AISI. 304 & 316)

Cable Ties - Nylon

Semi Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties Ball Lock Type

Earthing Accessories are designed to protect cables and components from damage caused by sudden electrical power surges. Its main purpose is to reduce the risk of dangerous electrical shocks from uninsulated metal parts of an appliance. Our earthing accessories is a solution that delivers effective life safety, together with long lasting and reliable protection.

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Copper Tape

Strain Clamp

Twisted Eye Tongue

Bow Shackle

When working with Electrical Arc Flashes, worker's safety will be the main concern. We provide high quality, comfortable electrical arc flash safety gears to protect the wearer fom head to toe, from any thermal burn due to dangerous arc flashes. With safety as our priority, all of our gears/equipments are made from the best quality materials to prevent and reduce any potential injuries. 

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Arc Hood

Arc Suit

Electrical Insulated Helmet

Flame Resistant Balaclava

Our Heat Shrink Cable End Caps are designed to protect and prevent water/moisture ingress for wide range of sizes and different types of cables. The heat shrink cable end caps parts consists of spiral adhesive coating, which effectively offers protection against oxidation, ozone, UV-radiation and etc. Our heat shrink sleeve or tubing is a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and terminals in electrical work.

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Heat Shrinkable End Caps with Spiral Adhesive Coating

Low Voltage Cable Breakout

Zero Halogen, Flexible Frame Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Flexible, Thin Wall Flame Retardant Polyolefin Tubing Shrink Ratio 2:1

Exothermic Welding is a welding process that employs molten metal to permanently join two conductors together that employs exothermic reaction of a copper thermite composition to heat the copper. This process does not require any external source of heat or current. Exothermic welding is the best way to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections for any installation requiring an earthing system as it improves mechanical, electrical and anti-corrosion properties of the joined conductors. Electrical resistance will not increase over the lifetime of the installation. 

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Graphite Mold

Weld Metal Powder

Handle Clamp

Standard Exothermic Welding Tools

Safety is our main priority when working with electrical system. We provide safety earthing equipments specifically for different sectors such as distribution line sector, susbstation sectors and transmission line sector. Our safety equipments are built and made from the best quality materials to prevent and reduce any potential hazards and to provide protection to the workers. 

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DEP Short Rail Earth

Non-Contact High Voltage Detector

Pr¨¹fball SPB-UB

Beacon Voltage Detector

Our Fire Protection Cable Coating is non-toxic and non hazardous as it is solvent, halogen and asbestos free.  When applied with a brush/spray , it will not derate the cable system. It provides resistance to water, salt water, fuels, oils and also chemicals. The fire protection cable coating is lightweight (thin-film application) and it is suitable for both exterior and interior application. The application of our fire protection cable coating will significantly contribute to your fire safety and cost saving efforts. Our fire protection cable coating systems have been tested extensively from the North Sea, throughout the Middle East till Indonesia. An investment in the longevity of electrical cables is an investment in secure performance and an insurance against production/operation shutdown due to fire accidents. 

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Fire Protection Coating For Cable CC

Firestop Panel

INCA CFS01 Firestop Mortar

Safety signages are used to provide warnings, prohibititation of actions/objetcs, informations and to indicate mandatory actions in a work environment. They relay specific messages/warnings for workers to follow in order to prevent any unwanted accidents, to signify potential hazards,  giving guidances and instructions during an emergency. 

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Signages/Label/Name Plate (PVC/Aluminium/Stainless Steel)

LOTO Poster

CPR Poster

Phase Plate

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is an unreactive, non-hazardous gas that has been widely used as an electrical insulator or cooling medium in the electrical field due to it's non-flammable, highly-electronegative and extremely chemically stable properties. It is commonly used/applied in transformers, electrical switchgears and substations. We provide high quality SF6 gas equipments and accessories such as SF6 gas detector and SF6 gas filling device. 

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SF6 Gas Filling Device

SF6 Gas Leak Detector

Leak Detector (500ML) Water Based

BANDIMEX STAINLESS STEEL BANDING SYSTEM is a flexible band clamping system which is available in various widths and in two material grades to suit a broad range of applications and environments. One of the key benefits of this system is the fact that the production of individual, strong and tailor-made clamps elimates the need for a large stock of different sized clamps.
Using the Bandimex Tool, a roll of Bandimex Band and Bandimex Buckles, a clamp fitting each diameter and each shape can easily and quickly be applied at low cost. Bandimex continuous banding system connects clamps, fastens, secures or fixes hoses, pipes, cables, signs or boards.
All Banding has full rounded edge for protection when handling and can be double wrapped to provide almost 4 times the radial compression of single banding ideal for all those heavy duty applications.

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Bandimex Band (SS-CrNi SS 316)

Bandimex Buckles ¨C SS-CrNiMo

Bandimex Jumbo Band (SS-CrNi SS 304)

Bandimex L Band

Switchyard Lighting provides illumination to substation grounds with sufficient intensity and clarity for safe movement of personnel and their vehicles during night time. A feeder pillar provides local isolation to your electrical distribution equipment, protecting both the cabling and the transformers from faults. Feeder pillars allow simple and local maintenance to your equipment, reducing site downtime and reducing overall maintenance costs.

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Junction Box

Termination Kits are widely used around the world for cable termination at distribution voltage up to 36kV.  Our termination kits are reliable because of their unparalleled long term performance in the field. Furthermore, our termination kits are compatible to reliably terminate a wire range of armoured cables. Termination accesorries to facillitate termination process are also supplied. 

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Roll Spring

Scotch Tape Joints for Aerial Bundle Cables

3M Armorcast Structural Material

3M Jointing Systems for Power Cable

Every transformers has a variety of accessories and parts that are fitted onto it to provide different purposes. These accessories and parts are usually purchased separately to replace or to enchance a transformer effieciency during maintence services. We supply high quality safety and prevention transformer accessories such as oil spill kits, silica gel and gasket for our customers as safety is our main priority.  

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Transformer Silica Gel

Transformer Gasket AmorimT&D

Oil Filtration Plug & Socket

Voltage detectors are devices that determines the presence or absence of an electrical charge in an object down to its precise and accurate voltage levels in an electrical system. It functions by measuring the voltage flux line of an electrical field formed between the earth's potential and a live component of a system. Usage of voltage detectors are mainly required during electrical work to ensure worker's safety and to allow workers to perform his/her job more efficiently. 

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DS/MS/VA Voltage Detectors

Beacon Voltage Detectors

WD6B/D3 Voltage Detector

Non-Contact High Voltage Detector

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