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3M supplies everything required to reliably trminate a wide range of cables. In addition to tape terminationkits, 3M also provide one-piece cold shrink silicone insulation kits for shielded cables up to 66kV. Superior silicone rubber insulators ensure high moisture and contamination resistance. Over the years, cold shrink technology has undergo series of laboratory tests and analysis repetedly to proofs its reliability and merits. Through constant innovation, cold shrink technology has been made easier to apply and is built to withstand even the most punishing environmental conditions.

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Scotch Tape Joints for Aerial Bundle Cables

3M Armorcast Structural Material

3M Jointing Systems for Power Cable

Indoor 3 Core XLPE / SWA / PVC Cables Up to 11kV

Outdoor 3 Core XLPE / SWA / PVC Cables Up to 22kV Indoor Application

Indoor 3 Core XLPE / PVC Cables Up to 33kV Indoor Application

Outdoor / Indoor 3 Core XLPE / PVC Cables Up to 33kV Outdoor Application

QT-II Single-Core XLPE Shielded Cable

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