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LV ABC Pole Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for low voltage aerial bundled cables(ABC) pole accessories. Our accessories for low voltage aerial bundles cables pole accessories ranges from individual part replacement to specific appliances which assists in protection against overloading and short circuits. Some of the items mentioned are our, low voltage universal band, low voltage insulators, low voltage D-bracket, insulated piercing connectors(IPC) and the low voltage cut out fuse switch disconnectors. You can be assured that our products are made from the highest quality materials to ensure a druable and long lasting product.

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Insulated Piercing Connector (IPC) LV

LV Cut Out Fuse Switch Disconnector 100A

LV D-Bracket

LV Dead End Clamp

LV Fuse Switch Disconnector 160A

LV Insulator

LV Suspension Clamp

LV Universal Band

Suspension Hook (J Hook)

LV and HV ABC H-Poles Cable Cleats

ABC Tube Dead End


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