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Concrete Cable Slab

Concrete Cable Slabs are designed to provide an underground protection system as well as an effective warning indication for buried cables or pipes. Another application of the concrete cable slabs is when it is installed extensively throughout the utility industries providing a pre-warning to site personnel working or excavating in close proximity to underground pipes and electrical cables. They act as a physical protection barrier against accidental damage to buried low and high voltage cables, fibre cables, data cables, electric cables or any other important services that are buried in the ground eliminating costly repairs and jointing. We offer very convinient sizes for our cable slabs and we also provide our cutomers with a high quality and customizable product.

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Concrete Cable Slab (33 kV Curve)

Fiber Optic Cable Slab

Concrete Cable Slab ( 11kV 33kV Merbahaya Voltan Tinggi)

Concrete Cable Slab (TNB 33KV Merbahaya Kabel)

Concrete Cable Slab (Merbahaya 132 kV Voltan Tinggi)

Concrete Cable Slab (TNB Kabel)

Concrete Cable Slab (Merbahaya 275 Kabel Voltan Tinggi)

Concrete Cable Slab (TNB Kabel 11KV)

Concrete Cable Slab (Kabel Pandu)


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