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Live Line Indicator (LLI/D3) Voltage Detector

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Live Line Indicator (LLI/D3) Voltage Detector Overhead Rail Earthing System Railway Safety Earthing Equipment

Live Line Indicator (LLI/D3) Voltage Detector

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The D3/LLI Live Line Indicator is a resistive type voltage detector designed for use on overhead a.c. rail electrification systems operating at 25kV nominal voltage. The ‘LLI’ threshold is specified as 12kV ± 5%, however it should be noted that induced voltages could reach 10kV.

The unit is designed to be mounted on approved fiberglass earth poles with the pole immediately below the indicator being the primary insulator (ref 91-2410). The signal emitted by the D3/LLI is both audible and visible. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery, housed within the main unit. The battery can be charged in situ using the charger supplied.

The unit comprises a main unit and a contact probe. The contact probe is manufactured from lightweight fiberglass tubing and houses the calibrated resistor stack. The pole section is foam-filled to increase its voltage withstand. The probe is connected to the overhead line by a replaceable aluminum hook. The top of the pole is coated in a
special high reflective paint to ease visibility when applying the indicator in poor lighting conditions.

The limit of contact with the overhead line is clearly defined by a red limit collar fixed to the pole. The contact probe screws into the main unit with a special screw connector to minimize flash-over.

Product Benefits
• Approval Reference PA05/798
• Audible and visual warning
• Self-test function
• Fully interchangeable
• Insulation tested
• Compatible with primary insulator poles

Rail Equipment

Westminster Detectors D3/LLI Live Line Indicator.
The main unit is housed within a special plastic moulded case; this is designed to provide protection in wet conditions and to shade the LEDs in bright lighting conditions. The main unit is self-contained and houses all of the main components and the rechargeable battery. The earth bond lead is connected to the main unit and provides secure connection to the bonded rail by means of a powerful magnet. The lead is housed in a plastic tube to provide protection on site and prevent water ingress.


The D3/LLI Live Line tester has an in-built function verification circuit to check satisfactory operation before application to the line.

The tester provides an audible and visual indication when applied to a ‘live line’.

The tester has an 8m long test lead allowing the tester to be used up to a maximum height of 9 metres.

The test probe utilises a replaceable hook for application to the line. The limit for contact with any potential high voltage is clearly marked by a red collar and the section above the collar is painted with a highly-reefective paint to aid application in poor lighting conditions.

The tester is connected to the bonded rail by means of a powerful magnet. Removal of this earth connection is facilitated by means of a non-magnetic handle. Each D3/LLI is supplied complete with a battery charger suitable for recharging the unit in its assembled state.

A sturdy fabric reinforced PVC carrying bag is also supplied to provide protection and to ease transportation of the tester on site. The carrying bag is of a high visibility orange material to ease identication and location on busy site areas.

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