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Link Box Earthing

Link Box Earthing

Link Box Earthing The PBwel Link Box (Switching Point) Earthing Kits are available for a range of designs and are used whilst maintenance, electrical diversion or cable testing is undertaken. CE80 Link Box Short Term Temporary Earth Kit (Bronze/Copper Temporary Kit) - (Picture on the left) Comprising of 4 CE80 Sprung loaded insulated Bronze clamps connected by flexible Copper stranded cables. To be used for Link Box earthing whilst main earthing kit is applied. CE78/A Link Box Temporary Earth Kit (Aluminium Kit/M12 Fitting) - Picture on the middle) The Link Box Earthing Kit is used upon underground Earth Link boxes (modern metric type). The kit is denoted by black handles and M12 threaded aluminium clamps. Supplied in a fluorescent yellow fabric reinforced PVC carrying bag for easy and safe handling. The kit also includes a temporary earth junction plate. CE78/C Link Box Temporary Earth Kit (Copper Kit/ 1/2¡± BSW Fitting) For use on traditional underground ¡®Diving Bell Style¡¯ imperial link boxes. The kit is denoted by red handles and 1/2¡± BSW threaded copper clamps. Supplied in a fluorescent orange fabric reinforced PVC carry bag for easy and safe handling.   Customer Benefits: Simple to apply Supplied in a protective carrying bag Fully tested & type registered High insulation rating Robust construction Special clamp design   Further technical details: Product                     Current Rating                Short Circuit Rating                       Insulation Rating                               Conductor Size                                         Product no             CE80  150A / 5Mins 4.9kA / 1s Typically 2kV / 1min 1-1/2'' x 1/2'' nominal                  EFU-19311 CE78/A 150A 7.8kA / 1s Typically 2kV / 1min                                -          EFU-19309 CE78/C 150A  8.0kA / 1s Typically 2kV / 1min                              - EFU-18310   read more
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Buchholz Relays

Buchholz Relays

Buchholz Relays The PB Buchholz Relay is one of the only true cast body types in the world, developed in conjunction with the British Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB).   Applications Most faults in an oil filled Transformer are accompanied by the generation of gas. By using a suitable relay the formation of this gas can be used as a warning of a developing fault. Double element relays can be used for detecting minor or major faults. The alarm element will operate after a specified volume of gas has collected to give an alarm indication. Examples of incipient faults are: Broken-down core bolt insulation Shorted laminations Bad contacts Overheating of part of the windings The alarm element will also operate in the event of oil leakage or if air enters the cooling system. The trip element will be operated by an oil surge in the event of more serious faults such as: Earth faults Winding short circuits Puncture of bushings Short circuits between phases The trip element will also operate if a rapid loss of oil occurs.   Mounting Position The relay should be mounted in the connecting pipe between the transformer and the conservator tank. This pipe should be as long and as straight as possible, and must be arranged to slope upwards, towards the conservator, at an angle within the limits of 3 to 7 degrees to the horizontal. There should be a straight run on the transformer side of the relay of at least five times the internal diameter of the pipe, and at least three times this diameter on the conservator side. A machined surface is provided on the relay body for the purpose of testing the mounting of the relay, both in the inclined direction and at right angles to the pipe where it should be horizontal.   Connections The terminal boxes on double element relays are normally drilled and tapped M20 x l.5mm for bottom entry by conduit or cable gland. Side entries and alternative thread sizes can be supplied for most types upon request. Alarm and tripping circuit connections are made to OBA terminal stems, in the terminal box, and secured by OBA nuts and washers. The maximum recommended torque value should not be exceeded when making connections.   read more
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DEP Rail Earth
Interlocked Long Blue Earths
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