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Cable Gland

Cable gland is a device designed to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipment. It provides strain-relief and connects by a means suitable for the type and description of cable for which it is designed—including provision for making electrical connection to the armor or braid and lead or aluminum sheath of the cable, if any. Cable glands may also be used for sealing cables passing through bulkheads or gland plates. For more info please see the Catalogue provided.

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Blanking Cap-Plastic Type (For Covering The Gland Holes)

Blanking Cap-Rubber Type (For Covering the Gland Holes)

Brass Cable Glands "A2" Type Single Compression ( For Un Armored cable)

Brass Cable Glands "CW" Type Single Compression

Brass Cable Glands "E1W" Type - Double Compression Glands

Brass Earth Tag

Brass Earth Tag

A2DC Weatherproof Type DC (Double Compression) Cable Gland Suitable For Un-Armoured Cable.

PG Cable Gland (Metric-Thread)

PG Cable Gland (PG-Thread)

PVC Shrouds

Alco Type G Cable Glands ( Nickel Plated)

Aluminium Cable Glands


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