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3M Technology and The Human Factor

Technology Produces Quality Products For The Job

It slips on quickly and shrink tight
Cold Shrink kits provide fast and easy terminations. The 3M Cold Shrink delivery system keeps the termination pre-stretched until the installer is ready to use it. Just a light pull removes the inner core, and the pre-stretched tubing instantly shrink to form a tighter interface with the cable than force-fit or heat shrink devices can provide. This provides a quick secure fit for the life of the cable. Excellent for high humidity environment up to 35KV Class.

Uncompromising Materials Technology
Superior silicone rubber insulators both skirted for outdoor applications and non-skirted tubular for protected or indoor applications provide excellent resistance to wet and dry contaminants and moisture because of it’s non-carbonizing and hydrophobic properties.

Improved wet leakage and track resistance
- Unique insulator design gives increased protection against tracking and  flashover.
- Skirt diameters are varied to prevent water drops from establishing a continuous wet leakage path.
- Smooth surface of silicone rubber ensures a minimum amount of contamination will adhere to the termination.
- When water comes in contact with silicone, it beads up and runs off the skirt, rather than wetting these surface. Thus, a less conductive path is formed and leakage currents lowered.
- When leakage currents and arching occurs on the surface, the ash formed by erosion of the silicone insulator is non-organic and non-conductive. Thus continued degradation is deterred.

Increased Reliability
- Silicone rubber is specially formulated for high conformability, high compressibility and retains its elasticity throughout extreme temperature range. This highly flexible one piece insulation enables termination to operate safely even in bent position.
- The Hi-K Stress tube redistributes the electrical field over the entire surface of the insulator. This eliminates the bulky stress cones and the unnecessary  length giving a compact design, ideal for use in confined spaces.
- One piece termination - no extra parts, adaptors or special tools or heat needed

The Human Factor makes it easy to install, requiring minimal skill.

Each 3M Quick Term II series kits will handle a wide range of cable and conductor sizes. There is the option to choose skirted or tubular and conversion from single core to three core and inverted applications.

The 3M Brand Rejacketing Sleeves are a series of silicone rubber insulators incorporating inner-expandable polyester braid designed to reduce sliding friction and deliver the insulator onto the cable.

Rejacketing sleeves are designed to protect three-conductor power cable phase legs from exposure to moisture, corrosion, ozone, ultra-violet radiation, physical contact and other hazards associated with the termination operating environment.

Indoor 3 Core XLPE / PVC Cables Up to 33kV Indoor Application

Indoor 3 Core XLPE / SWA / PVC Cables Up to 11kV

Outdoor / Indoor 3 Core XLPE / PVC Cables Up to 33kV Outdoor Application

Outdoor 3 Core XLPE / SWA / PVC Cables Up to 22kV Indoor Application

QT-II Single-Core XLPE Shielded Cable


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