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LV and HV ABC H-Poles Cable Cleats

LV and HV ABC H-Poles Cable Cleats

 View Catalogue / Print LV AND HV ABC H-POLES CABLE CLEATS Product Description These cable cleats are for securing low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) cables vertically or horizontally. Product Specification Item Code Outdoor M Cable Dia. (mm) DSSB-CC-SNC18-27 UV FR 18-27 DSSB-CC-SNC28-42 UV FR 28-42 DSSB-CC-SNC43-56 UV FR 43-56 DSSB-CC-SNC54-76 UV FR 54-76 DSSB-CC-SNC74-88 UV FR 74-88 DSSB-CC-SNC87-102 UV FR 87-102 DSSB-CC-SNC103-116 UV FR 103-116 DSSB-CC-SNC117-138 UV FR 117-138 *FR = Fibreglass Reinforced *M = Material Product Images read more
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Earthing Rod

Earthing Rod

 View Catalogue / Print   EARTHING ROD Product Description SUBSTATION copper bond Earthing Rod is made from high tensile - low carbon steel core with molecularly bond by 99.99% pure electrolytic copper. Both ends are threaded. The choice of materials used to manufacture an earthing rod will determine the life and performance of the grounding system. The materials which SUBSTATION utilizes will provide rugged mechanical strength, high conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance.   Rugged mechanical strength is one of the most important features of an earthing rod for easy driving into hard solid ground with minimum effort and to prevent rod damage. Technical Details Specification   The following are feature and standard found in SUBSTATION earthing rod: SUBSTATION Earthing Rod is made from high tensile - low carbon grade steel core. Electroplated with 99.99% pure electrolytic copper and molecularly bonded. - Coating thickness of 254μm. No separation of copper bonding from the low carbon steel rod when observe from the fracture end of the earthing rod (i.e. good bonding between copper coated and steel rod) No crack will appear when the copper electroplated steel rod is permanently bend. Tested to the IEC Standard - 62561-2 Lightning Protection System Component (LPSC).* Product Specification Item Code Size (Nominal Diameter x Length) Brand DSSB-EA-CURD11200SS 1'' X 1200mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD11500SS 1'' X 1500mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD11800SS 1'' X 1800mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD341200SS 3/4'' X 1200mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD341500SS 3/4'' X 1500mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD341800SS 3/4'' X 1800mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD581200SS 5/8'' X 1200mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD581500SS 5/8'' X 1500mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD581800SS 5/8'' X 1800mm Substation DSSB-EA-CURD161800SS 16mm X 1800mm Substation Standard: IEC 62561-2, JKR Approval, BSEN 13601:2021 Product Image read more
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Hot Stick
Telescopic Hot Stick
Earth Discharge Rod
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Substation Rubber Mat (Low Voltage)
Substation Rubber Mat (High Voltage)
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3M Jointing Systems for Power Cable

3M Jointing Systems for Power Cable

View / Print Catalogue   3M JOINTING SYSTEMS FOR POWER CABLE RESIN PRESSURE METHOD (R.P.M) Product Description    The resin pressure method (R.P.M.) jointing system is well proven and was designed to make fast and simple joints on XLPE or paper insulated cables. This method is very versatile and adaptable to odd sized cable and different joint configurations like transition and branch joints. Applicable to a wide voltage range of cables from 1KV - 45KV. The R.P.M. joint is based on liquid tight tape mold built around the joint. It provides outstanding moisture resistance, tough mechanical properties and excellent electrical insulation. All the components required to make a resin pressure splice are conveniently supplied in a kit for. Components such as Scotch No. 23 tape for insulating, Scotchcast P-3F Spacer tape to build around the joint, plastic vinyl tape to form the liquid-tight mould and a final overwrap of Scotch Restricting tape to retain the shape of the mold under-pressure as Scotchcast resin is pumped in from the E-4 Resin Pressure Gun. This two-part encapsulating resin is pre measured and packaged in 3M’s exclusive Unipak container for exact mixing ratios and to prevent contamination. When cured the resin will not run, ensuring a strong, dependable, high performance and long lasting joint.   Product Specification Product Image     read more
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3M Armorcast Structural Material

3M Armorcast Structural Material

View / Print Catalogue   3M ARMORCAST STRUCTURAL MATERIAL   Product Description  To give additional mechanical and UV protection for aerial cables, 3M provides the option to combine the completed tape joint with 3M Armorcast Rejacketing Kit No. AR-2. Installation of AR-2 is quick and easy. No need for flame, electricity or chemical. Perfect for all hazardous environments, including manholes.  3M Armorcast Structural Tape is flexible fiberglass knot fabric strip saturated with resin syrup. No heat is required in the installation process, just water. It forms a tough durable covering that cures in 20 minutes. Provides structural strength, as well as cable and splice protection. For use on any cable jackets and sheath repair. The tacky, stretchy fiberglass reinforced  material adheres both to itself and polyethylene or lead sheaths.  Special Features:    Simple application. Ouick and easy to apply without a mess.  Water activated resin. Gives control of set time.  Durable. Strong, long life, water resistant and hard wearing.  Light weight. The fiberglass construction of the tape allows for excellent mechanical protection without extra weight stress on the cables.  Tack free. Gives ease of roll unwind during application.  Resistant to moisture, fungus, acid, alkali, ozone, sunlight, gasoline and high temperatures Comforms to irregular shapes and maintains the rigidity and shape.    Application Instructions:    Wear a glove to protect hands from the resin.  Remove the roll from the foil pouch and dip in cool water, squeezing once. This will allow 4 to 5 minutes of cure time. Option: You can also apply directly eithout first dipping in water. The curing time will be longer if its not dipped in water.  Apply in spiral motion. Overlapping by half to two thirds on each turn.  Mold to aid lamination and cast strength. Use some water to help smoothen the surface.  Let it cure and dry. Cables can be moved in 30 minutes time.  Product Image read more
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Scotch Tape Joints  for Aerial Bundle Cables

Scotch Tape Joints for Aerial Bundle Cables

View / Print Catalogue   SCOTCH TAPE JOINTS FOR AERIAL BUNDLE CABLES Product Description  With 3M Scotch Tape Joints, you can insulate and moisture-proof any odd shaped and sized cable from 1 KV up to 35 KV. It is used for joining XLPE insulator single and three core cables with aluminium or copper conductors.  The scotch tape joints for aerial bundle cable application utilizes 3M electrical vinyl professional use and premium grade tapes that are UV and weather resistant as well as UL approved. It also provides the flexibility to incorporate the tape splice design with resin rejacketing for a 3M ''Tapecast'' resin pressure method or mold and compound type splice for buried underground application which requires additional mechanical strength.  All 3M scotch tape splices are rated to withstand 90 degree celsius with 130 degree angle emergency overload provisions.  Design Features:    **Consists of a combination of various 3M tapes to provide the electrical insulation build back semi conductive layer, stress control and shielding properties of the joint.   **3M self-bonding tapes provides a void free insulation build back to voltage withstand and moisture protection.    **Uses Constant Force springs for continuity of the armor and shielding of the cable.    **Laboratory tested and field-proven design. Meets the requirement of IEEE 04, VDE 0278, IEC 60502 and CENELEC HD 629 Standards.    **Detailed drawings and instructions are supplied with each kit.    Product Image   read more
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Non-Contact High Voltage Detector
Beacon Voltage Detector
DS/MS/VA Voltage Detector
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