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Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd added new photo
Nov 23, 2023 at 05:55 pm —
Silver Fox Pre-Print Service

Silver Fox Pre-Print Service

 View Catalogue / Print SILVER FOX PRE-PRINT LABEL SERVICES Product Description  Even though our solutions are designed to save time, sometimes even that is not enough. Our Custom Pre-Print Service helps free-up valuable extra resource. We can pre-print your Silver Fox labels then deliver to you, making a very real contribution by helping you to meet tight project deadlines.   Choose from our entire range of label solutions, or mix and match as your project requires, including engraved labels.   Depending on order timing/delivery/location labels can be on-site as early as the next day.   Contact Us For More Details On Our Silver Fox Pre-Print Label Services. Labels Available For Pre-Printing Fox-Flo® UV Stable, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Tie-on Cable Labels  Fox® PVC Tie-on Cable Labels  Legend™ LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Heatshrink  Legend™ LHS Premium Heatshrink  Legend™ Non-Shrink Tubing  Legend™ Tie-on Cable Labels (Laser Printing)  Legend™ 2 Part Labels (Laser Printing)  Prolab® Wrap Around Labels (Laser Printing)  Prolab® Optical Fibre Flag Labels (Laser Printing)   read more
Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd added 2 new photos in Cable Cleats - Stainless Steel
Oct 2, 2023 at 03:44 pm —
Stainless Steel Cleats For Trefoil Power Cable
Stainless Steel Cleats For Single Power Cable
Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd added new photo in Cable Slab - Cable Slab (Non-Concrete Cable Slab)
Mar 17, 2023 at 04:07 pm —
Detectable Underground Warning Tape

Detectable Underground Warning Tape

 View Catalogue / Print           Flyers           Website   DETECTABLE UNDERGROUND WARNING TAPE     Product Description The Detectable Underground Warning Tape helps the excavation workers on site to detect, locate, identify and protect buried utility lines such as electrical cables, telecommunication cables, gas pipes and water pipes. This allows a safety margin for workers to begin digging work without damaging any buried cables or pipes. The detectable underground warning tape has aluminium foil backing that make it easy to locate using metal detector. This detectable underground warning tapes are waterproof, economical, tough and have vibrant colour which can be easily seen and identified on-site.     Product Specification Waterproof Heavy Duty Weather resistant Custom wordings   Item Code Size Wording & Colour DSSB-DUWT-150 150mm x 300m Custom Wording & Colour Please contact us for more details.      Product Image Click here for more photos   read more
Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd added new photo in Fire Protection Coating
Feb 22, 2023 at 05:18 pm —
INCA CFS01 Firestop Mortar

INCA CFS01 Firestop Mortar

 View Catalogue / Print INCA CFS01 FIRESTOP MORTAR   Product Description CFS01 Mortar is a proprietary non-intumescent compound comprised of gypsum and cement. Developed with installation convenience in mind, INCA Mortar softens once mixed with water and becomes easy to work with. Our variable viscosity technology allows the installer to add less water for a thicker consistency or more water for a thinner consistency depending on your application needs. INCA Mortar has up to 3 hours fire rating to prevent passage of flame, smoke, and toxic fumes.   Application • Metallic Pipes • Cable Tray • Plastic Pipes • Insulated Pipes • Busway Features • Non-Shrinking • Paintable • Fast drying • Safe and simple to use • Halogen and asbestos free • Water and gas impermeable • Good structure strength • Adjustable consistency (variable mix ratio) Characteristic • Mixing ratio(by weight) : Mortar:Water = 1:0.85~0.95 (Recommended) • Yield(per 20Kg) : 22-25L • Mixing time : 30~40 Sec. • Working time : 3 min. • Density (after mixing) : 1400-1650 kg/m³ (Wet cast) • Set hard time : Approx. 3~4 hours. • Time to remove shuttering: 2 days (if needed) • Fully cured : 28 days • Application : Sealing floor openings • Package : 20 Kgs/Bag Tested to • UL1479,3hrs T and L Rating • Can/ULC S115 3hrs,FTH Rating • GB23864 Product Specification Item Code  Weight DSSB-FR-CFS01 20kg/Bag   Product Image            read more
Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd added new photo in Earthing Accessories - Overhead Earthing
Jun 14, 2022 at 10:07 am —
Binding Clip F-Type (Heavy Duty)

Binding Clip F-Type (Heavy Duty)

 View Catalogue / Print   BINDING CLIP F-TYPE (HEAVY DUTY) Product Description  Stainless Steel Binding Clip for Copper Tape/Strip Binding Clips F-Type (Heavy Duty) is manufactured by using stainless steel (SS304/ SS316) as it's main material because it has high tensile strength and good conductivity. Copper tape/strip that are used as supports will not be affected by the binding clips in used.    This type of copper tape/strip holder have been widely used in many TNB's electrical power station and substations throughout Malaysia, Sarawak (SESCO), Sabah.(SESB) and also in many privately own Electrical Power Stations / Substations.   Product Specification Conductor Item Code Size Copper Bar (F Type Binding Clip) DSSB-EA-BC1305018 50mm(W)x6mm.(thk)x18mm hole (for bolt size 16mm) DSSB-EA-BC1305212 50mm(W)x6mm.(thk)x12mm hole (for bolt size 10mm) DSSB-EA-BC1302518 25mm(W)x6mm.(thk)x18mm hole (for bolt size 16mm) DSSB-EA-BC1302512 25mm(W)x3mm.(thk)x12mm hole (for bolt size 10mm) DSSB-EA-BC1302518 25mm(W)x3mm.(thk)x18mm hole (for bolt size 16mm)   Product Image   F-Type Binding Clip     read more
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