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Arc Suit

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Arc Suit Electric Arc-Flash Protection

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Product Description 

Material Specification:

The overall arc suit is to be worn by workers that are working in the electrical field to protect themselves from arc flashes and burn.  

NFPA 70E - Standard for electrical safety requirements for employee workplaces.

Washing Guide:
• Do not overload washer
• Use high water level
• Wash at temperature necessary to clean the garment. (Maximum 165 deg.F, or 74 deg.C)
• Use recommended amount of quality detergent. (Phosphate can be used).
• Do not use chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide either separately or in detergents.
• Do not use softeners or starch
• Do not use tallow soap, i.e., one containing animal fats.
• For optimum results when industrial laundering, use an acid sour.
• Softened water provides best results.

Product Specification

Our Protection ARC Suit + Flame Retardant Ratings

Item Voltages ATPV Rating
min. 8 cal/cm.sq 
HRC Level 2
ATPV Rating
min. 45 cal/cm.sq 
HRC Level 4
1 LV Yes Yes
2 11 kV Yes
3 33 kV - Yes


Product Image 

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