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3 rd Rail Earthing

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3 rd Rail Earthing  3rd Rail Earthing System Railway Safety Earthing Equipment

Short Circuit Device for third rail system of electrified railway

During maintenance and shutdown work, The Short Circuiting Device (SCD) for the Third Rail is compulsory to be installed. 

It will discharge the traction current and making the Third Rail dead or not dangerous to workers coming in contact with it. 

Normally, a small power cable is runs to a solid metal clamp attached to the other running or travelling rail to make sure a good earth or grounding is achieved.


Step 1 - A correctly trainned person must be assigned for this earthing work.

              Find a suitable location to do the discharging of the traction current.

              Attached the Metal Clamp to the Running Rail. ( nearest to the third rail)

              If possible clean the surface and side of the running rail free from mud or dust.


Step 2 -  Ensure a Good and firm contact is made between the clamp and the Running Rail. 

              This is very important so that there will not be any loose connection

              or the connection will be easily dislodge if not clamp properly. 

Step 3 -  Connect the Insulated operating rod to the end of the earthing 3rd rail clamp.

               Get ready to insert the clamp to the 3 rd rail.


Step 4 -  After getting the proper clearance and with proper supervision,

              insert and clamp the SCD to the underside side conductor of the third rail.

              Tighten the clamp firmly to the third rail to have a good contact.           



Step 5 -  After the clamp having a firm grip to the third rail, remove the insulated operation pole for safe keeping.

Special notes:-

The Short Circuit Device are to be handled with special care.

For safety reasons, before each usage, please visually inspect it thoroughly for any damage to the

1) Cable insulation
2) Any copper wire exposed
3) Contact surfaces.
4) Faulty or missing or loose parts.
) Functional check of contact and clamping mechanism 
6)  Any folding  parts.

If the contact surfaces or edges have burning marks or burrs,  please considered this signs as heavy damage and reuse is not encouraged.


Do not reuse a SCD - short Circuit device after it has gone through a short circuit.



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