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Multisafe DSP 4

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Multisafe DSP 4 Voltage Detector Railway Safety Earthing Equipment Safety Earthing Equipment

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Product Description

The Multisafe DSP 4 is a safe and easy to use voltage detector testing tool for all types of industry. It is a versatile and completely safe voltage detector with multimeter precision. The protective resistors are placed directly behind both test electrodes to offer maximum safety against surge voltage. The MultiSafe DSP 4 is able to turn itself on and off automatically.

Voltage Tester:

**  precise display of the voltage 1 V up tto 1200 V AC / 0,001 up to 1500 V DC
** resistant to voltage - CAT IV 600 V - VDE certified
** clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
** hold the measured value with the HOLD key
** large illuminated display

Continuity tester:

** continuity test with sound
** resistance measurement in the range of 0,1 kOhm to 2000 kOhm
** green LED for continuity

Phase and phase sequence tester:

** phase tester with display ''POL''
** phase sequence tester with LED display left / right
** phase and phase sequence tests can also be performed with insulating gloves
** additional phase sequence testing without ground reference for IT power grids

Product Benefits

** ST-version slim test electrodes for tight terminal blocks
** easy operation
** insulation fault detection by two-colour cable insulation
** IP 65 - waterproof

Product Specification

Type Item Code Norminal Voltage Frequency
Phase Sequence
Test for IT Power
Grids Without
Ground Reference
4 or 15 mm
DSP 4 DSSB-RSE-VT-84402 24 - 1000 V AC

24 - 1500 V DC
DC / 15 - 10 000 Hz No No
DSP 4F DSSB-RSE-VT-84403 Yes No
DSP 4ST DSSB-RSE-VT-84405 No Yes
DSP 4FST DSSB-RSE-VT-84406 Yes Yes

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