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Interlocked Long Blue Earths

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Interlocked Long Blue Earths Overhead Rail Earthing System Railway Safety Earthing Equipment



Interlocked Long Blue Earths


The Interlocked Long Blue Earth from PB Weir Electrical has been designed to solve a pressing need in the Rail Industry.

The equipment has been specially enhanced in order to address the potentially fatal procedure of removing the equipment in the incorrect order of use. To ensure that the Line End clamp is removed prior to the Earth End clamp, it incorporates a special key which must be used to remove the Earth End clamp. The tamper-proof lock arrangement is an integral part of both clamps and P&B Weir can provide up to 20 combinations, this is to deter ‘master keys’ being used to fool the system.

This interlocked long blue earth is for providing temporary earth bonds between overhead catenary or contact conductors and earthed rail sections or recognised earthing points.

The CE63 (J117-NSE) Earth End clamp is a steel fabricated clamp for application to all rail types, steel framework and earthing points. The clamp is fitted with disc springs to ensure secure location. All components are plated to provide adequate protection on site.

Interconnecting Leads are made of 50sqmm multi-stranded Aluminum with Aluminum palm type compression terminations and blue Arctic-grade PVC insulation. The S9BI Line End clamp is made from Aluminum alloy and stainless steel fasteners. These are suitable for application by the S9D operating socket.

Insulated Operating Poles are glass fibre insulating poles with open weave handgrips bonded to the lower pole section. Available in standard 4ft (1.22 metre) sections with machined joints to provide rigid assembly by a double sided snap action, spring loaded locking device. An S9D type light alloy operating socket should be fitted, the socket is then used to rotate the Line End clamp’s operating screw, to secure to the line.

Customer Benefits:

  • Ensures correct and safe removal of earths from overhead lines

  • Rugged construction and good corrosion resistance

  • Tamper-proof, 20 key combinations

  • Suitable for corroded rails, steel framework or earthing points

  • Suitable for fitting to all common types of running and conductor rails

  • Approval Ref. PAOS/00944

    S9B STYLE INTERLOCK                        

    Long Earth comprising of CE63 Earth End and S9BI Line End clamps, interconnecting 50 sq.mm and 8m long blue Aluflex lead.

    Short Circuit Rating:                8.9kA/ 1s & 12.5kA/ 0.25s     

    Part Number:                               EFT-16726

    PADS Number:                             0091/012188


    Comprising of 1x 8m blue earth lead with J117-D one end

    and S9B the other end.

    Short Circuit Rating:             8.9kA/ 1s & 12.5kA/ 0.25s

    Part Number:                           MISC-00250

    PADS Number:                         0091/012210


    CE5 STYLE INTERLOCK                        

    Line Earth comprising of CE63 Earth End and CE5I Line End clamp and

    interconnecting 50 sq.mm blue Aluflex lead x 8m long.

    Short Circuit Rating:                    8.9kA/ 1s & 12.5kA/ 0.25s

    Part Number:                                   EFT-16741

    PADS Number:                                 0091/012568

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