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Distribution Line Cluster Bars and Terminal Plates

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Distribution Line Cluster Bars and Terminal Plates Distribution Line Earthing Field Equipment Portable Earth

Distribution Line Cluster Bars and Terminal Plates


The construction of P&B Weir Electrical Cluster bars and Terminal plates is of a robust nature and will withstand a reasonable amount of rough handling. The following products are a representation of our distribution line cluster bars and Terminal plates.

Cluster Bar

The cluster bar is an attachment bolted to the centre of 3 
conductor clamps and facilitates the parking of the other two conductor clamps with interconnecting leads, whilst the assembly is fitted or removed from the distribution line.
Type EFD-16748 is suitable for an additional cross arm clamp.


Type A

Multi Point aluminium plate for interconnecting phase to 
clamp leads and down leads. Type A is also available with a hook.
Product Nos: A3478-A with hook : A3478-B without hook


Type B

Crucifix assembly suitable for mounting to a pole or a cross arm using chain or alterntively a ratchet strap. A parking bar is used for supporting, resting and raising the line end clamps prior to application to the conductors
Product No: EFD-16737 with ratchet strap.


Type C

Multi point aluminium alloy connecting plate. Supplied with 1 meter long pole mounting strap and a quick action carabina hook.
Product No: EFD-20030 with strap


Type D

Aluminium alloy crucifix/junction plate similar to the Type A terminal plate, with a ratchet strap for secure pole mounting.
Product No: EFD-16737 with ratchet strap.

Customer Benefits:

  • Solid construction for many years of service

  • Proven service record, used by the ESI for over 40 years

  • Used world wide

  • No plated components


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