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Engineering Plastic

Cable Slab also known as Cable Tiles, Cable Covers, Cover Plate or Cover Tape are used as visual warning indicator for cable laid underground, while at the same time provides mechanical protection for underground laid cables in the event of excavation works. The cable slabs are buried under the ground level and above the underground cables.

Our Cable Slabs are manufactured from specially formulated high quality engineered materials to provide the highest impact and tensile strength for the protection of underground cable or piping.

It’s ultimate interlocking linkage system will ensure the retention of the protection chain even under severe earth movement or impact. For more info please see the Catalogue provided.

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1 Hook - 100mm ( 4" ) Width Cable Protection Slab

1 Hook - 150mm (6") Width Cable Protection Tiles

1 Hook - 200mm (8") Width Cable Protection Slab

1 Hook - 250 mm ( 10" ) Width Cable Protection Slab

3 Hook - 6mm Thickness Cable Protection Slab

3 Hook - 4.6mm Thickness Cable Protection Slab

3Hook - 2mm Thickness Cable Protection Slab


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