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Safety Earthing Equipment

Safety is our main priority when working with electrical system. We provide safety earthing equipments specifically for different sectors such as distribution line sector, susbstation sectors and transmission line sector. Our safety equipments are built and made from the best quality materials to prevent and reduce any potential hazards and to provide protection to the workers. 

For more info, please see the catalogue provided.





DEP Short Rail Earth

Non-Contact High Voltage Detector

Pr¨¹fball SPB-UB

Short Circuiting Device for Underground Railways for 3rd Rail

Beacon Voltage Detector

Pr¨¹fball SPB Digital

Railway Equipment Shorting Strap

Subway Earthing and Short Circuit Mobile Device for 3rd Rail

C31 Live Line Indicator

Interlocked H.V. Overhead Traction Line Portable Earthing Equipment

Portable Earthing and Short Circuit Device for the 3rd & 4th Rail

Pr¨¹fball SPB Analog

3-Pole Earthing And Short Circuit Device

DS/MS/VA Voltage Detector

J117-NSE Clamp

Multisafe DSP 4

Earth Discharge Rod

Subway Bipolar Voltage Detector 75-1500 Vcc for the 3rd & 4th Rail

Tree Pruning Equipment

Universal Phase Clamp

Carrying Bag For Earthing Devices

Discharger Stick For The Electrostatic Tensions

Universal Earthing Clamp With Handle

Earth Discharge Rod

Signal Sighting Target

Distribution Line Earthing Kits

Portable Earthing Equipment

Portable Earthing Equipment

LV Earthing Kits

Operating Poles

PVC Carrying Bag

Earth Leads

Line End Clamp CE62

Operating Poles

Earth Leads

Line End Clamps

Operating Sockets

Earth End Clamps

Earth End Clamps

Line End Clamps

CE60 Sparrow Plate

Cluster Bars

Earth End Clamps

Carry Bags

Earth Discharge Rod

Earth Leads

Carrying Case (Very Heavy Duty)

Operating Pole Kit

Running Earth CE23/A

Cross Arm Clamp

Substation Rubber Mat (High Voltage)

Line End Clamp S9B

Substation Rubber Mat (Low Voltage)

PVC Carrying Bag

CE80 Link Box Short Term Temporary Earth Kit

Operating Sockets

Terminal Plates

Voltage Detectors

Earth Discharge Rod

Hot Stick

Telescopic Hot Stick


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